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thumbnail. Download: PPT Tellez M. Caries risk profiles using cariogram are predictive of caries  methods – such as Cariogram (with or without microbiological tests) or CAMBRA ]; Synthesis and. Decision-Making (integrating the patient level and lesion level  Sep 14, 2016 of Pediatrics, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and California Dental Association) and computer-based programs (e.g., Cariogram). Dec 12, 2013 Lingström P. Cariogram validity in schoolchildren: a two-year follow-up study. Caries Res. 2012; 46:  May 20, 2015 A similar study conducted by Wennerholm et al compared Saliva-Check Mutans and Saliva-Check IgA Mutans with the Cariogram for caries  Oct 10, 2011 for adults, and the cariogram.28-30 Tools like these need to be npohcpresentations/2010_man_wai_ng.ppt.

Cariogram ppt

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Jan 1, 2016 Transcript of CARIES RISK ASSESSMENT, CARIOGRAM ,CARIES VACCINE.ppt .pptx. Preventive dentistry Caries Risk Assessment and  Fashion Stopwatch 3 PowerPoint Slides And PPT Diagram Templates-These high quality powerpoint pre-designed slides and powerpoint templates have been  The Cariogram, developed in 1996, was originally conceived as an educational model aiming to demonstrate the multifactorial etiology of dental caries in a simple  December 2019 52. Caries Risk Assessment, Cariogram ,caries Vaccine.ppt.pptx . November 2019 79. Caries Rotafolio. December 2019 40. Our Company.

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What is diagnosis?

  • Diagnosis is an art and science that results from the synthesis of scientific knowledge, clinical experience, intuition & common sense
  • Caries diagnosis implies deciding whether a lesion is active, progressing rapidly or slowly or whether is already arrested.
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Cariogram ppt

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Cariogram ppt

Click to download: Cariogram English and Japanese, JAVA version. learning on Minecraft Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance,  Cari es experi ence = Skor 0 Tidak ada karies & tumpatan : Tidak ada karies Tidak ada kavitas & tumpatan lama Tidak ada gigi yang hilang karena karies Indeks DMFT = sangat rendah Indeks DMFT rendah Cari es experi ence = Skor 2 Indeks DMFT sedang Cari es experi ence = Skor 3 Penyakit autoimun : sjogrens syndrome Obat2an yang berpengaruh pd saliva Radiasi kepala-leher Contoh kondisi : Pasien Cariogram • Cariogram is a new way in which to illustrate the interaction between caries related factors. • This educational interactive program has been developed for better understanding of the multifactorial aspects of dental caries and to act as a guide in the attempts to estimate the caries risk. 19. Cariogram as an interactive PC-program has been developed for educational, preventive and clinical purposes. The Swedish version of the Cariogram was first launched officially in November 1997 after extensive trials. It has since then been translated into several languages to be used in different countries.

Cariogram ppt

Cariogram internet version, 4 preface the cariogram is a new concept, PREVENTION OF DENTAL CARIES-II – ppt video online download. Similar procedures were followed for Rogosa SL plates, except that they were incubated in an anaerobic jar for 96 hours. Research in dental caries. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators Cariogram is an educational program developed for better understanding of the multifactorial disease dental caries. It illustrates the “caries risk” and possible. Objectives: To assess the caries risk and contribution of diet, bacteria, circumstances and susceptibility sectors among special groups in.
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Objectives: To assess the caries risk and contribution of diet, bacteria, circumstances and susceptibility sectors among special groups in. Echocardiogram. An echocardiogram checks how your heart's chambers and valves are pumping blood through your heart. An echocardiogram uses electrodes to check your heart rhythm and ultrasound technology to see how blood moves through your heart.

Preventive dentistry.
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Pits and fissures are the target areas of lasers. Cariogram-a multifactorial risk assessment model for a multifactorial disease. Download affordable Medical Cardiogram Abstract editable PowerPoint template now. Be effective with your powerpoint presentations by using our Medical Cardiogram Abstract powerpoint presentation template. This Medical Cardiogram Abstract professional powerpoint template is available with charts & diagrams and easy to use. Kariogram merupakan suatu perangkat untuk mendeteksi penyebab utama atau yang paling berpengaruh terhadap terjadinya karies (Nurnaini, 2005). Penggunaan aplikasi kariogram pada komunitas perlu dilakukan untuk mengetahui resiko karies dan untuk menurunkan resiko karies pada sebuah komunitas yang rentan terkena karies.